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9. For You

This song was inspired by You, dear One, unique manifestation of Beauty. Endless love, I worship You in This...

          For You...
          For You...

All that i can be, I give it to You.
     And all that i see, I offer to You.
All i want to do is hold You...
     And all i want to say is, "I love You."
          I love You....

          You are the morning star,
               Heralding the rise of Heaven
          You are the spark from afar
               Igniting, lighting my ready Heart
               Igniting my ready Heart.

The peace of the perfect One, rejoices in Two.
     Everything I am gets better with You.
All I want to do is gaze in Your eyes.
     And all that i can do is cry-y-ygh
          Tears of Joy

          We are a shooting star,
               A dazzling fire of Heaven
          We are the Miracle,
               A shining smile in this open Heart,
               A shining open Heart.

Oh, the warmth i feel embracing You.
     The meaning of my life is worshipping You.
All that Ican see is Beauty,
     And all that I can be is the sparkle in Your eye,
     Loving You,
          Yes, loving You,
     Oh, such gratitude!
          Endless gratitude
For You.

2001 February

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